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A chat with a creative mind - Usolo logo story - Usolo Outfitters

A chat with a creative mind - Usolo logo story

For every business, finding a logo and a name is a great challenge. Like every founding team, we spent a lot of time thinking about the name. It should reflect our understanding of style and inspiration. 

 Now our long journey started, we had a little chat with our creative director to understand what she felt and her motivation when designing this logo for us. 

 Usolo: Matilde, first of all, thank you for accepting to work with us. You are teaching advertising design for a long time. What did you think when you first saw our logo brief? 

 Matilde: Usolo logo is part of our name. It's essential to the branding of the business. In today's smart and mobile market, it has become even more important that our logo must be attractive, relevant to the industry, and eye-catching. But it needs to be more than that. It needs to tell a story. And here we are!

Usolo: What was the concept in your mind?

Matilde : "Color your life"  - (" Paint your journey")

 Usolo : Interesting, and what is the story behind that? 

 Matilde: Usolo logo's graphic element symbolizes a painter's palette, inviting the audience to feel the artist within. The one who chooses the color & styles of their own life!

While creating the logo, I thought in the influential symbolic association connected to people's memory... And they will found it, in the logo, in style & the colours of our brand's products.

When creating the logo, I have identified the target, with the vision of the brand. Usolo offers beautiful outfits, telling its customer to use the magic wand in the shape of a colour palette!!!! and say, " I'm feeling like an artist, I choose & I create my style !"

Usolo promises the customer to feel that "I choose the best !"

Usolo: What about the Logo Colors?

Matilde: The mixture of bright color with gray, tell us about brand elegance and product quality.  

A yellow color logo shows that our company is positive & friendly and convey a sense of happiness, which encourages communication.

Usolo: Thank you, Matilde! It was a pleasure to work with you! We are hoping to work on future projects with you.


A little information on Matilde : Matilde Wol, born in Mendoza/Argentina. Soon after receiving both an honours degree in Industrial & Graphic Design and a Masters degree in Packaging Design from the National University of Cuyo, she started her own graphics and packaging design company IDEAS ARGENTIA, but she didn’t stop there. Matilde continued her journey in the design industry and become the Packaging Designer and Art Director of OGILVY ISTANBUL, the Art Director for LEO BURNETT, the Senior Art Director for GRAFIKA-LINTAS. She became creative director at McCann Erickson. Today she is a Creative Consultant in Communication Business. Matilde has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world like Nescafe, Coca Cola, GlaxoSmithKline, Adidas, Fila and Good Year. For her outstanding work, she has won multiple awards like the Marketing Turkiye award for her work with Toys “R” Us and the London Awards for her work with Unilever. Due to her ample experience, Matilde gives regular workshops to help other budding creatives learn more about the industry. Matilde is teaching Advertising Design at BAU in Istanbul for over 10 years and assisting new advertising professionals in growing in their business.

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