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Get Now 50% Off Your Purchase [When You Spend $150+] - Sitewide and Limited with Stocks! 
Get Now 50% Off Your Purchase [When You Spend $150+] - Sitewide and Limited with Stocks! 

Women’s Casual Sweaters: Knitwear for Streetwear

Feel warm and cozy in our mindfully selected collection of women’s casual sweaters. Our knitwear streetwear pieces are timeless, meshing perfectly with your effortless style. Made to last, these soft yet durable sweaters will comfort you for years to come. Relax knowing that we work hard to source sustainable clothes made from recycled materials and organic cotton as often as we can.

Our casual women’s sweaters allow you to seamlessly mix and match them with the rest of your capsule wardrobe. Build a personal collection of unique and comfortable clothing that expresses your individuality. 

Think beyond the ordinary and shop consciously today.

Why Capsule Knitwear for Streetwear?

At Usolo Outfitters we believe in offering clothes that will never go out of style. Building a capsule wardrobe from our reliable pieces allows you to waste less time, money and resources in the future. No more decision fatigue in the morning. Just grab one of our classic bottoms and pair it with your favorite casual women’s sweater.

We make it easy for you to shop online. Use the helpful women's size chart to know exactly how our clothes will fit you. So you can feel confident and calm when you walk out the door.

Hey! I’m Eco Friendly!

One of our primary goals is to provide our community with as many environmentally-conscious clothing brands as we can. Whenever possible we source pieces made from organic or recycled cotton. Our packaging mailers are made entirely from compostable material and we never use plastic labels. 

Interested in seeing more sustainable clothing options? Visit our Eco Friendly collection or simply look for the green Hey! I’m Eco Friendly! tags as you scroll through the site. At Usolo Outfitters we believe fashion can and should be ethical.

Express your individuality with mindful clothing!